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Collaborates with the Federation of Forum for Memory

Copy of Menasalbas 2010_07_20_CDear friend:

The Federation of Forums for the Historical Memory (Federación Estatal de Foros por la Memoria) has been working intensely for 12 years for the recovery of the defenders of the democratic Republican legality’s memory, for the victims of Franco, and for the defense of the Human Rights and Universal Justice through multiple activities: mass graves exhumations, documentaries, publications, tributes, protest demonstrations and demanding acts, informative activities…

Our only source of income is our member’s fees. We haven’t received any public or private grants since 2012, and before that we only competed for finalist subventions, that is, directed to concrete and definite projects which were correct and punctually accounted for. The Federation’s workers and activists job is exclusively voluntary: as a matter of unavoidable principle nobody has ever perceived a cent for it, and many times we have paid out the money of the activities ourselves.

You can help us to continue our activities and maintain the minimal infrastructure we use with a voluntary donation to the bank account

ES09 2100 1875 0102 0010 0551

The BIC for transfers outside of Spain: CAIXESBBXXX

You can also join the Statal Federation of Forums for the Historical writing us to foroporlamemoria.info@gmail.com, and we will send you a registration form.

You will be able to check that your contribution is correctly used tracking our web and social networks.

It’s a matter of JUSTICE. It’s a matter of HUMAN RIGHTS.