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“Madrid 2016 yes and no fascism”

Foro por la Memoria de la Comunidad de Madrid, | 15 septiembre 2009

Can you imagine that the values and the main principles proposed by the Olympic Charter are included:
The military rebellion against a legal democratic Government?Enforced disappearances?
Atrocities and offences, including but not limited to murder, extermination, deportation, imprisonment, torture or other inhumane acts committed against any civilian population?Women’s rape as a war weapon?
The use of politics prisoners as slave’s workers?
In Madrid City still remains more than 100 streets commemorating the coup and the traitors and war criminals members of the totalitarian dictatorship. Otherwise, in Madrid City there are dozens of marked fascism symbols belonging to public administration.
Finding photographs and reports at:
In a recent future, before October 2nd, we believe that the Major of our city, Madrid, could acquire a public compromise of eliminating all the fascist symbols that still remain in our town, in order to be a firmed candidate to organize the Olympic Games in 2016.
For democratic hygiene: MADRID 2016 YES, AND NO FASCIS
Foro por la Memoria de la Comunidad de Madrid
Madrid, september 2009