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“Goodbye Barcelona” es un musical que se puede ver en Londres

| 4 diciembre 2011

Recuerdo y homenaje a las Brigadas Internacionales



In 1936, as fascism sweeps across Europe, one country reaches out in its hour of need… and tens of thousands of ordinary people make an extraordinary decision to help. More than 42,000 travel to Spain from all over the world, risking their lives for the freedom of others.

GOODBYE BARCELONA marks the 75th anniversary of the start of the Spanish Civil War, and is inspired by first hand accounts of International Brigaders.



Goodbye Barcelona is a passionate new musical celebrating the International Brigades. It’s the story of Sam, who joins the Brigades and goes to Spain to help fight the fascists in 1936, and Rebecca his mother who follows him there to find him. We follow their passionate journey as they fight for freedom, alongside the people of Spain.

Goodbye Barcelona is about the incredible things people can do when they feel compelled to act, and when they can no longer bear to just watch while other people’s lives are being destroyed.

The musical is inspired by the ‘Brigadistas’, the men and women from around the world, who volunteered to help fight against Fascism in the Spanish Civil War from 1936 – 1939.


Arcola Theatre